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Folklore & Allied Professions

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FOLK ARTS & CULTURE:   Folklore and Allied Professions

Allied Historic Preservation Organizations

Columbia University
Historic Preservation

Janet W. Forster
Associate Director for Urban Planning and Historic Preservation
E-mail: jf2060@columbia.edu

Columbia’s Preservation Program — America’s first — continues to deepen and extend its traditional focus on the public interest in Historic Preservation. The core of its curriculum continues to be the training of professionals in the understanding of historic architecture, artifacts and landscapes, their ability to read and argue for the important lessons historic buildings uniquely offer as public objects. Two new public forums, the James Marston Fitch Colloquium in the Spring and the Preservation Design Forum in the Fall are extending the Program’s immediate public impact. Benefiting from an increasing integration with all the resources of the School, this work has begun to offer ways of strengthening — and safe-guarding — preservation as a professional discipline and a creative force in public life and of widening its appeal in changing times.

Dutch Barn Preservation Society
Keith Cramer, President
c/o The Mabee Farm Historic Site
1080 Main St. (Rt. 5S)
Rotterdam Junction, NY 12150
E-mail: cramerkeith@msn.com

The Dutch Barn Preservation Society is dedicated to the study and and preservation of New World Dutch Barns — one of the last physical reminders of the pre-industrial agricultural heritage of eastern New York and New Jersey. The efficient, heavy timber structural system adapted from Northern European precedents, reflects the practical construction and engineering skills of the predominately Dutch immigrants who settled the area, and their descendants. The Dutch Barn Preservation Society was organized in 1985 and incorporated in 1986 by the Regents of the State of New York as a not-for-profit organization by barn owners, historians, and other concerned individuals alarmed by the barns’ rapid disappearance. Membership has grown steadily, making new preservation initiatives possible. The Dutch Barn Preservation Society sponsors recording projects, educational barn tours, and publications, and is a source of technical and historical information. Members have been instrumental in preserving and restoring threatened barns, and are continually exploring opportunities to offer technical advice and financial assistance.

Eldridge Street Project
Bonnie Dimun, Executive Director
Hanna Griff-Sleven, Director of Family History Center and Cultural Programs
12 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002
Fax 212/966-4782
E-mail: hgriff@eldridgestreet.org

The Eldridge Street Project has a dual mission: to preserve the Eldridge Street Synagogue and interpret it with cultural and educational programs for a diverse audience. Preserving the 1887 Eldridge Street Synagogue as a site for historical reflection, aesthetic inspiration, and spiritual renewal, the Project offers programs for adults, school children, and families explore cultural continuity and change, instill respect for Jewish traditions and practices, and draw analogies between the Synagogue’s immigrant founders and contemporary immigrants. Located in Lower Manhattan at the intersection of Chinatown and the Lower East Side, the area has been first home for many Americans — from the Irish, Italian and East European immigrants of a century ago to the Chinese, Latino, and East Asian communities who now reside in the neighborhood. The Eldridge Street Project offers concerts, lectures, art installations, festivals, family programs, and other special events for the public at the landmark Synagogue.

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
232 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
E-mail: gvshp@gvshp.org

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) was founded in 1980 to preserve the architectural heritage and cultural history of the Village. GVSHP is a leader in protecting the sense of place and human scale that define the Village’s unique community. Its programs include: educational outreach in the form of public lectures, tours, exhibitions and publications, and a school program that teaches children about Greenwich Village history and architecture; preservation leadership on such issues as preservation of the Village waterfront and expansion of the Greenwich Village Historic District; preservation projects that promote an understanding of the Village’s historic importance, such as the Greenwich Village Preservation Archive and Oral History Project; consultation services on a wide variety of preservation issues, with GVSHP serving the community as historian, educator, archival resource, and technical consultant.

Historic Albany Foundation & Architectural Parts Warehouse
Elizabeth Griffin, Executive Director
89 Lexington Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Historic Albany Foundation is a private, not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1974 to promote the preservation and appreciation of the built environment in and around the city of Albany. Historic Albany Foundation’s Architectural Parts Warehouse is a prime resource for those interested in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings. Each year, the Foundation helps hundreds of people with technical assistance and resources for building projects. They provide programs on architectural history and restoration techniques, public lectures and house tours, free preservation workshops, and access to their extensive architectural library. They even make house calls!

  Historic Ithaca
212 Center Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
E-mail: alphonse@historicithaca.org

Since 1966, Historic Ithaca has worked to educate about and protect the historic buildings and places that connect Tompkins County residents to their heritage. Through educational programming, advocacy efforts, and expert technical assistance, Historic Ithaca helps community members better understand, appreciate, and preserve Tompkins County’s invaluable historic resources. HI’s Library of the Built Environment and Significant Elements architectural salvage store are open to the public, providing resources for owners of historic and older homes. Visit www.historicithaca.org for more information.

Historic Preservation Resources
Historic Preservation Resources provides web links to more than fifty full-text "how to" information guides and manuals on general and technical aspects of historic preservation. It includes web links to specialty resources on historic barns, farms, bridges, schools, battlefields, landscapes, lighthouses, interiors, exteriors, preservation techniques, and other facts of historic preservation. The reader may locate links to funding programs and additional information on the Rural Information Center (RIC) Arts, Humanities and Historic Preservation Resource page at: http://www.nal.usda.gov/ric/ruralres/arts.htm.

Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway
Burden Iron Works Museum
Foot of Polk Street
Troy, NY 12180-5539
E-mail: carroll@rpi.edu

Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway was founded in 1972 by area civic leaders to advocate for historic preservation and adaptive reuse of the industrial heritage for the Hudson-Mohawk region. The organization conducts tours, runs school programs, provides consulting on historic preservation issues and regional history of technology, and manages the regional technology museum housed in the historic Burden Iron Works in South Troy.

Kansas State Historical Society
Jennie Chinn, Executive Director
425 SW 6th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66615-1099
Fax 785/272-8682 (Fax)
E-mail: jchinn@kshs.org

The Cultural Resources division of Kansas State Historical Society provides tools and assistance on its website to help you identify, preserve, and protect your buildings, communities, artifacts, documents, and records. It offers extensive links to guides for document preservation, audio and photographic material preservation, digital preservation management, disaster recovery, and archival supplies.

The Municipal Art Society
of New York

457 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Fax 212/753-1816
E-mail: info@mas.org

The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote a more livable city. Since 1893, the MAS has worked to enrich the culture, neighborhoods and physical design of New York City. It advocates for excellence in urban design and planning, contemporary architecture, historic preservation and public art. Since its founding, the MAS has worked to ensure that New York City’s treasures — from historic buildings to public spaces — are protected and preserved. Helping community organizations and neighborhood advocates confront the planning, land use and economic development issues facing their neighborhoods is the core goal of the MAS Planning Center. Through public forums, workshops, publications and one-to-one assistance, the Center tackles neighborhood issues at grassroots and citywide levels. The Waterfront Alliance, a project of the MAS since 1999, is a network of more than 300 organizations dedicated to helping reclaim the harbor, rivers and estuaries of the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)
1785 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
Fax 202-588-6038

The National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes. Through education and advocacy, NTHP seeks to revitalize communities across the country. Its web site includes a calendar of Trust events, exhibits, lectures, and festivals; information for historic homeowner including book and video recommendations; and a sampling of the NTHP magazine, Preservation.

Neighborhood Preservation Center
232 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
Fax 212/471-9987
E-mail: info@NeighborhoodPreservationCenter.org

The Neighborhood Preservation Center opened in 1999 in the historic Ernest Flagg Rectory at the St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery landmark site. The Center is a place where the public is welcome to convene, strategize, and exchange information through its programs: meeting rooms, office spaces, and online resource database and library that comprise the Resource Referral Service. The Center endeavors to support the numerous organizations concerned with the city’s multifaceted environment, and to facilitate the public’s access to these organizations. The Neighborhood Preservation Center was created through a unique partnership of three organizations: the Historic Districts Council, a city-wide advocate for New York’s historic neighborhoods; the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, a leader in the preservation and protection of the architectural heritage and cultural history of the Village; and the St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund, steward of the St. Mark’s Church campus. All three organizations have offices at the Center. The Neighborhood Preservation Center Resource Referral Service links inquiries related to neighborhood improvement, community revitalization, and historic preservation to the organizations, institutions and individuals that can assist. The Center also provides on-site assistance to researchers who call, email, or set up appointments to come in during business hours (Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.).

New York Landmarks Conservancy
141 Fifth Avenue
Third Floor
New York, NY 10010
Fax 212/995-5268
E-mail: nylandmarks@nylandmarks.org

The New York Landmarks Conservancy provides practical technical information for restoring homes and businesses, works to protect houses of worship, and advocates for government commitment to preservation. Find out about low-interest loans for historic preservation projects, grants for affordable housing, technical services provided by the Conservancy, and their publications at this site.

New York Preservation Archive Project
174 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075-0439
212/861-4993 ext. 246
Fax 212/628-3146
E-mail: info@nypap.org

The New York Preservation Archive Project (NYPAP) protects the endangered narratives of historic preservation in New York through public programs, outreach, celebration, and the creation of public access to information. NYPAP has created a series of oral histories with preservationists who were directly involved in much of the groundbreaking legislation and grassroots activism of the 20th century. The Archive Project coordinates a series of public programs, exhibitions, and lectures designed to broaden awareness of the history of the New York preservation movement and particularly to emphasize the use of archives in researching the topics. Information about the history of preservation, archiving, and a database of the repositories of these collections will soon be made available on the NYPAP website.

New York State Archives
Christine Ward
Assistant Commissioner, New York State Archives and Executive Officer, Archives Partnership Trust
Albany, NY 12230
Fax 518/473-7573
E-mail: ARCHINFO@mail.nysed.gov

The Documentary Heritage Program (DHP), established in 1988, is a statewide program designed to locate, organize and make available the state’s historical records to ensure the preservation of New York’s heritage. It provides regional services and a statewide competitive grants program. The DHP competitive grants program concentrates on identifying, collecting, and making available the historical records of underdocumented groups in 20th-century New York. Regional services are provided by archivists who coordinate historical records training workshops; work with regional organizations, businesses, ethnic and racial groups, libraries, archives and museums to identify and permanently care for historical records; and raise public awareness of the importance of historical records.

New York State Historic Preservation Office
Peebles Island Resource Center
P.O. Box 189
Waterford, NY 12188-0189

The New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) helps communities identify, evaluate, preserve and revitalize their historic, archeological and cultural resources. The SHPO administers programs authorized by both the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and the New York State Historic Preservation Act of 1980. Their website provides information about state and federal preservation programs and access to some of the office’s electronic data, as part of the SHPO’s outreach, education, and information sharing efforts.

Preservation Alumni
PO Box 669
Peck Slip Station
New York, NY 10272-0669
E-mail: info@preservationalumni.org

Preservation Alumni (PA) is an independent organization of friends and alumni of the Columbia University Historic Preservation Program. For more than 20 years, PA has worked to support and enrich the Historic Preservation program at Columbia University by advising and assisting students, faculty and alumni of the program. PA also seeks to advance preservation as a diverse field of public and professional endeavor. PA provides a number of specific benefits to students in the program, including grants for program support and the rare book collection at Avery Library; student grants and awards; a student mentoring program and the largest alumni network of preservation professionals in the country.

Preservation League of New York State
44 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206-3002
Fax 518/462-5684
E-mail: info@preservenys.org

The Preservation League of New York State is New York’s only private, not-for-profit, statewide membership organization dedicated to protecting the architectural heritage of New York. The League assists communities and organizations in advancing historic preservation by providing technical support, legal assistance, and grants-in-aid. The League also serves as a statewide advocate for historic preservation and public policy, and promotes public awareness of the importance of historic preservation through conferences, workshops, and publications.

Preserve & Protect
350 Fifth Ave. Suite 1100
New York, NY 10118
Fax 212/387-8404
E-mail: webmaster@preserve.org

Preserve & Protect is a not-for-profit corporation that provides space on the World Wide Web for historic preservation and environmental protection organizations. Check out their preservation calendar, listserv, and preservation alerts.

Shaker Heritage Society
Phoebe Bender, President
875 Watervliet Shaker Rd., Suite 2
Colonie, NY 12211
Fax 518/452-7348

The Shaker Heritage Society, founded in 1977, is a non-profit historic preservation group which runs interpretive educational programming about the Shakers and their influence on the region; it is also actively concerned with preserving the integrity of the Watervliet Shaker Historic District, America’s First Shaker Settlement (listed on the National Register of Historic Places). The Society offers special group tours of the building and historic district, guided tours on Saturdays, craft courses, workshops, lectures, and numerous annual events throughout the year.

UNESCO Culture Portal

UNESCO’s Culture Portal provides a wealth of information about efforts throughout the world to preserve cultural and natural sites. Information on news and events concerning “intangible” heritage including traditional music, on cultural tourism, on museums, on arts and creativity are linked from here.


Other Allied Organizations

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READ the report Cultural Heritage Tourism: Best Practices and Key Concepts for Regional Initiatives by Dr. Ellen McHale (NYFS), Dr. Lisa Overholser (NYFS), and Dr. Daniel Franklin Ward (Erie Canal Museum).

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