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The Campbell Brothers present Sacred Steel: African-American gospel music with electric steel guitar and vocal.


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Campbell Brothers Steel Guitars

NAME: Campbell Brothers Steel Guitars

Charles T. “Chuck” Campbell, Director

CULTURE: African American

GENRE: House of God steel guitar

REGION: Finger Lakes

COUNTY: Monroe

BIO: The Campbell Brothers present Sacred Steel: African-American gospel music with electric steel guitar and vocal. This tradition is just now emerging from the House of God Keith Dominion Church, where for over sixty years it has been an integral part of worship and a vital, if little known, American tradition. Pedal steel guitarist Chuck Campbell and his lap steel-playing brother Darick are two of the finest in this tradition.

Having learned the lap steel guitar at a young age, Chuck is renowned for his innovative approach to the instrument both technically and musically and was one of the first to introduce the pedal steel guitar to the House of God church. His use of effects such as distortion, and wah pedal and his picking techniques enable him to emulate the human voice in an uncanny fashion, which evokes images of gospel moaning and field singing. Early in his career, Chuck became recognized for becoming the first steel player to be accomplished in the Sacred Steel styles of Calvin Cooke, Ted Beard, and Henry Nelson when most steel players could only play in one!

Chuck’s brother Darick first made his mark in music as a drummer. For several years Darick was the premier drummer of the General Assembly, the National Convocation of the House Of God Church in Nashville, TN. His choice of the Lap Steel is a reflection of the influences he has blended to become the most emotional player of The Campbell Brothers musical tour d’force.

Rounding out the band, which has been playing together for nearly two decades, is a high-energy rhythm section featuring brother Phil Campbell on electric guitar and his son Carlton on drums. Katie Jackson’s classic, gutsy gospel vocals bring the ensemble to a level of energy and expression that defies description.

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Campbell Brothers Steel Guitars
Group Photo of Campbell Brothers Steel Guitars.
Courtesy of Campbell Brothers

Can You Feel It? (Ropeadope Records, 2005)
Sacred Steel for the Holidays (Arhoolie Records, 2001)
Sacred Steel on Tour (Arhoolie Records, 2001)
Pass Me Not - with Katie Jackson (Arhoolie Records, 1997)

Sacred Steel: Learn the Pedal Steel Guitar of Chuck Campbell (Homespun Video, 2004)
Sacred Steel: Learn the Lap Steel Guitar of Darick Campbell (Homespun Video, 2004)

LISTEN to “Good All the Time” from their album Can You Feel It?.

WEBSITE: www.campbellbrothers.com

CONTACT: CampbellBrothers@CampbellBrothers.com for general info; info@folkloreproductions.com for booking, or 310.451.0767.


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