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Voices, Fall-Winter 2011:
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Volume 37

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Ethnicity, Nostalgia, Affirmation: The Rhetoric of Italian American Identity
by Michael Buonanno

11 Dialogues with Time
by Roman Turovsky-Savchuk

16 Yuri Yunakov: 2011 National Heritage Fellow
by Pete Rushefsky and Ethel Raim

24 Follow Spot: Growing the Ranks
by Kristen Andresen

27 Jewish Activities on Christmas: An Online Case Study
by Mu Li

36 Essere Vecchi é Brutto
by Frank Campagna

38 A Report from an Embroiderers’ Gathering
by Ellen McHale and Lisa Overholser

42 The New York Folklore Society Features “Legends and Tales” at Its 2011 Annual Conference
by Lisa Overholser

Departments and Columns

10 NurorAsian: Asian American Arts in New York—From the Killing Fields: Art and Healing in Asian America
by Andrea Louie

14 Upstate—Why I Love the PO!
by Varick A. Chittenden

15 Downstate—Poetry on the Porch
by Steve Zeitlin

20 In Memoriam—Remembering Jean Crandall (1964–2011)
Reflections by “Las Mujeres” (The Folklore Girls)

by Eileen Condon, Elena Martínez, and Hanna Griff-Sleven

23 Play—Lost Treasures
by John Thorn

26 Good Spirits—Down to the Depths
by Libby Tucker

34 Still Going Strong—Sailmaker
by Paul Margolis

35 View from the Waterfront—Fishing Partners: Remembering Cory Weyant
by Nancy Solomon

41 Songs—New York and the Sea
by Dan Milner

44 Reviews

Yuri Yunakov
Cover: Yuri Yunakov at Lincoln Center. The National Heritage Fellow of 2011 is profiled on p. 16. Photograph by Richard Conde. Courtesy of Center for Traditional Music and Dance Archive.

From the Fall-Winter 2011 issue of Voices:

The present issue of Voices reflects in large part upon ethnic identity in New York. In “Ethnicity, Nostalgia, Affirmation: The Rhetoric of Italian American Identity,” Michael Buonanno examines, with poetic eloquence, some of the tropes of speech and story which helped to shape what it was, and is, to be Italian American in, and beyond, the community in which he was raised. Mu Li focuses with fascination upon activities Jewish Americans customarily engage in upon the Christian holiday of Christmas, especially eating out at Chinese restaurants. Frank Campagna (“Field Note”) remembers a traditional Italian folk story passed down in his family, and what the story offers to an understanding of how best to treat elders in their later, vulnerable years.

Pete Rushefsky and Ethel Raim share the story of Bulgarian Romani saxophonist Yuri Yunakov’s career and celebrate his receipt of the NEA National Heritage Fellowship. Ukrainian American lutenist, composer, and painter Roman Turovsky-Savchuk explains the development of his engagement with Ukrainian music and musical genres, in life as well as in cyberspace, in “Dialogues with Time.” We revisit the New York Folklore Society’s Annual 2011 “Legends and Tales” Conference proceedings via a report by Lisa Overholser, and Ellen McHale and Lisa Overholser describe the Society’s three-day, two-state Embroiderers’ Gathering in Ithaca in November 2011, thanks to a grant from the Mid Atlantic Folk Arts Outreach Project. Voices is pleased to reprint an especially noteworthy article from Inside Arts, the publication of the Association for Performing Arts Presenters (APAP): Kristen Andresen’s account of the historic founding of WOCA—Women of Color in the Arts, at last year’s APAP conference in New York City. Voices also welcomes its newest column, “NurorAsian: Asian American Arts in New York,” written for this issue by Andrea Louie. In upcoming issues, two writers will pen this column in alternation: Andrea Louie and Nico Daswani, both of New York’s Asian American Arts Alliance (www.aaartsalliance.org). Finally, with sorrow, but with a shared gratitude for having known her, three of Poughkeepsie-based folklorist Jean D. Crandall’s close friends reflect on Jean’s life and legacy in folklore, since her untimely passing in November.

Eileen Condon
Acquisitions Editor
New York Folklore Society


Lucia and Alessandro in their flower garden.

Roman Turovsky-Savchuk playing his lute.

24 VOICES: The Journal of New York Folklore
WOCA, which convened at APAP|NYC 2011, has more than 100 members.

Sharing textiles. Vera Nakonechny and Eniko Farkas.

Fall–Winter 2011, Volume 37:3–4

Acquisitions Editor
   Eileen Condon
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