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Voices, Spring-Summer 2011:
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Voices SS2011


Volume 37

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Bagels and Genres
by Jonathan Sadow

12 Petanque in New York
by Valérie Feschet

24 From Central Park Rumba with Love!
by Berta Jottar

32 Bringing Old-Time Fiddling into the Twenty-First Century
by Jackie Hobbs

36 A Family History Quilt
by Ruby L. Marcotte

42 Annual Conference Roundup
by Lisa Overholser

Departments and Columns

10 Upstate: Summertime ... and the Eating is Easy!
by Varick A. Chittenden

11 Downstate: Place Moments
by Steve Zeitlin

21 Play: Way Down upon the Hudson River
by John Thorn

22 First Person: Never-Ending Pursuit of Rhythm
by Julissa C. Vale

34 Songs: New York on the Half Shell
by Dan Milner

35 View from the Waterfront: Fishing Perspectives
by Nancy Solomon

41 Good Spirits: Ghosts of the ICU
by Libby Tucker

46 Still Going Strong: Milliner
by Paul Margolis

47 Reviews

Cover of Voices
Cover: Bar Tabac’s Bastille Day in South Brooklyn, July 18, 2010. Left to right: Saul Dingfelder, Bernard Decanali, Xavier Thibaud, Jeannot Ruperti, Bruce Janovsky, and Yngve Biltsted (referee). Photo: Valérie Feschet

From the Spring-Summer 2011 issue of Voices:

The Spring–Summer 2011 issue of Voices brings readers another tasty mix of story, ethnography, and analysis of New York traditions, upstate and downstate. We open with SUNY–Oneonta English professor Jonathan Sadow’s “Bagels and Genres,” an insightful and witty musing on what—in critical theory, as in life—makes a bagel a bagel, from Vegas to Montreal to New York. In “Petanque in New York,” Valérie Feschet, an anthropologist at the Université de Provence, shares a detailed portrait of the history, the play, and the multiethnic enthusiasts of this traditional French bowling game in New York City. By independent scholar and video artist Berta Jottar, “From Central Park Rumba with Love!” documents the sights, sounds, and struggle of the rumberos of Central Park to continue to practice their art in public spaces, despite prohibitions from the mayor’s office. We travel upstate with old-time fiddler and music educator Jackie Hobbs, a member of a multigenerationally musical family, who describes a tremendous musical resource for New Yorkers, musicians, and folk music historians: the wealth of recordings and biographical materials in the archival holdings she curates at the North American Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame and Museum in Osceola, New York. We wrap up in “A Family History Quilt,” by Adirondack quilter and community scholar Ruby L. Marcotte, with photography by George Ward. Step by step, Ruby leads us through the experience of refurbishing a family quilt—and tells about an uncanny coincidence she uncovered in the process. Finally, New York Folklore Society staff folklorist Lisa Overholser reports on the society’s annual meeting and September 2010 conference on Latino folklore, which was attended by young Latino folklore and ethnomusicology scholars from New York and across the country.

We offer our kudos to Voices columnist John Thorn, who was recently named official historian for Major League Baseball. In this role he will continue and expand his longstanding research on baseball and spearhead other special projects for the league. John’s most recent book, Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game, was published in March; his other books on baseball include Treasures of the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Total Baseball encyclopedia series. John also served as the senior creative consultant for Ken Burns’s 1994 documentary series, Baseball. Congratulations, John!

The New York Folklore Society joins with the New York State folk arts community in mourning the untimely loss of Mark J. Wright, artist advocate, theater director, performer, and program director at the Cultural Resources Council of Syracuse and Onondaga County. Mark died at his home on November 12, 2010, at age fifty. On January 30, dozens of performers, friends, and colleagues from the Central New York arts community honored Mark and his work with a four-hour tribute performance, which raised funds for the Mark J. Wright Scholarship for Young Artists. Contributions may be mailed to the Central New York Community Foundation at 431 East Fayette Street, Suite 100; Syracuse, New York 13202.

Voices thrives on the interplay between its readers and authors. Please keep your comments and contributions coming. Whether online through our web site or by “snail mail,” our suggestion box is always open.

Eileen Condon
Acquisitions Editor
New York Folklore Society


Wood-fired oven at Fairmount Bagel Bakery, Montreal

Alfred Levitt playing petanque in Central Park, c. 1970s

Unison: rumba chorus

Ruby Marcotte examines the quilt top purchased at Clen's Collectibles and Antiques in Riparius, New York

Spring–Summer 2011, Volume 37:1–2

Acquisitions Editor
   Eileen Condon
Managing Editor
   Sheryl A. Englund
   Mary Beth Malmsheimer
   Eastwood Litho

Editorial Board: Varick Chittenden, Lydia Fish, José Gomez-Davidson, Hanna Griff-Sleven, Nancy Groce, Lee Haring, Bruce Jackson, Christopher Mulé, Libby Tucker, Kay Turner, Dan Ward, Steve Zeitlin

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