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Voices, Fall-Winter 2010:
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Voices Fall Winter 2010


Volume 36

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Singing at the East Village Ukrainian Senior Center: A Reflection
by Nadia Tarnawsky

7 Nadia Tarnawsky: A Ukrainian-American Singer’s Journey
by Eileen Condon and Nadia Tarnawsky

12 The Mighty Raff: 2010 National Heritage Award Winner
by Mick Moloney

15 Voces con Eco: A Sample of Writing from Mano a Mano
Collected and edited by Luz Aguirre
Introduced by Emily Socolov and Mary Ellen Sanger

31 Button Accordions: A Call for Information
by Ted McGraw

36 Folk Arts Champion: Bess Lomax Hawes, 1921–2009
by Robert Baron

39 Hindu Domestic Mandirs: Home Temples in Greater New York
by Puja Sahney

Departments and Columns
10 Upstate: The New Obit
by Varick A. Chittenden

11 Downstate: The People’s City Report Card
by Steve Zeitlin

14 Still Going Strong: Midwife
by Paul Margolis

26 Artist Profile: Ferenc Keresztesi: Traditional Hungarian Wood-Carving
by Lisa Overholser

30 Play: Bee’s Knees and Cat’s Whiskers
by John Thorn

35 Songs: Older Singers and Old Recordings
by Dan Milner

38 Good Spirits: Digging Deep
by Libby Tucker

45 View from the Waterfront: Place and People in Time
by Nancy Solomon

46 Reviews

Cover of Voices
Cover: Ukrainian Women’s Voices singers Willa Roberts (left) and Maria Sonevytsky (back) serenade Ukrainian seniors and others with village songs at the Ukrainian Museum, June 2010. Photo: Eileen Condon (CTMD)

From the Fall-Winter 2010 issue of Voices:

This issue of Voices celebrates New York’s cultural diversity across a wide variety of genres of folklife and folk art. Ukrainian-American singer and educator Nadia Tarnawsky describes her experience of exchanging songs with Ukrainian seniors at the Self-Reliance Association of American Ukrainians Senior Center in New York City’s East Village. In “Voces con Eco: A Sample of Writing from Mano a Mano,” readers will enjoy fresh prose pieces and poetry in English and Spanish from a recently published anthology, produced by Mexican cultural nonprofit Mano a Mano, the New York Writers Coalition, and a group of New York’s newest Spanish-language writers. Musician, discophile, and Irish- American music researcher Ted McGraw presents a preliminary report and asks Voices readers for assistance in documenting the fascinating history of twentieth-century button accordions made by Italian craftsmen and sold to the Irish market in New York. Puja Sahney leads us into Hindu homes in the New York metropolitan area to explore structure, meaning, and change in domestic altar traditions.

We remember, too, our most brilliant elders and inspiring mentors in folk arts. Folklorist Mick Moloney shares a portrait of one of this year’s winners of the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Award, Irish flute master Mike Rafferty. Robert Baron, director of the New York State Council on the Arts Folk Arts Program, offers a personal remembrance of the pioneering contributions of Bess Lomax Hawes to the field of folklore in New York State and beyond.

Also in this issue, Voices welcomes Nancy Solomon, folklorist and executive director of Long Island Traditions in Port Washington, New York, whose new column, View from the Waterfront, focuses on maritime folklife, the environment, and vernacular architecture. As always, we remind readers that Voices is only as strong as the many voices and perspectives you lend us through your contributions. Please keep your articles, reviews, photos, artwork, and ideas coming our way.

Eileen Condon
Acquisitions Editor
New York Folklore Society


Ukrainian Senior Center folk singing

Kopjafak - wooden graveposts

Button Accordion player Bill Sullivan

Murtis are kept on a sinhasan

Fall–Winter 2010, Volume 36:3–4

Acquisitions Editor
   Eileen Condon
Managing Editor
   Sheryl A. Englund
   Mary Beth Malmsheimer
   Eastwood Litho

Editorial Board: Varick Chittenden, Lydia Fish, José Gomez-Davidson, Nancy Groce, Lee Haring, Bruce Jackson, Christopher Mulé, Libby Tucker, Kay Turner, Dan Ward, Steve Zeitlin

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