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Voices, Spring-Summer 2008:
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Voices SS08


Volume 34

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Wise Fools, Foolish Virgins, and Dirty Tricksters:
Gershon Legman and American Folk Humor

by Susan Davis

12 Forty-Seven Years at 47 Phila Street:
America’s Oldest Continuously Running Folk Coffeehouse

by Jocelyn Arem

20 Words of Steel:
Pete Seeger and the U.S. Navy Steel Band

by Andrew Martin

28 Frontier New York: A Personal Experience
by Les Cleveland

36 An Internet Tour of Bosnian Music
by Rick March

Departments and Columns
9 Artist Profile: Pauline Yarema

10 Upstate: When the Flamingos Return to Canton
by Varick A. Chittenden

11 Downstate: Talking Points
by Steve Zeitlin

19 Reading Culture: A Problem of National Folklore
by Tom van Buren

26 Good Spirits: Ghosts of Abandoned Hospitals
by Libby Tucker

27 Play: Ah, Fib
by John Thorn

34 Still Going Strong: NYPD Farrier
by Paul Margolis

35 In Praise of Women: Lydia Fish
by Eileen Condon

42 Foodways: Bravo Italiano!
by Lynn Case Ekfelt

43 Books to Note

Cover: An interlude in the
Korean War
Cover: An interlude in the Korean War. Photo: National Archives

From the Spring-Summer 2008 issue of Voices:
This issue collects articles spanning time and place, representing local and global folklore. We begin with Susan Davis’s “Wise Fools, Foolish Virgins, and Dirty Tricksters: Gershon Legman and American Folk Humor,” presented as a Bruce Buckley Memorial Lecture in Cooperstown on April 19, 2007. Profiling another famous figure, Andrew Martin writes of Pete Seeger’s important—and unlikely— contribution to the steel drum movement as consultant to Admiral Daniel Gallery, founder of the U.S. Navy Steel Band. Jocelyn Arem researches Caffé Lena in Saratoga Springs, which has played a central role in the politics and music of American folk culture since 1960, while Rick March guides readers through an Internet tour of Bosnian music to demonstrate how music continues to shape Bosnian communities in the United States. Finally, Les Cleveland—a young New Zealand soldier in 1943—shares his Pacific encounter with Lil Ol’ New York.

Also in this issue, Voices welcomes photographer Paul Margolis, whose new column, “Still Going Strong,” focuses on skills, crafts, and trades from earlier times that are still going strong in hectic, cutting-edge New York City. As always, I remind you, our readers, that our publication is only as strong as your contributions. Please keep your articles, reviews, and ideas coming our way.

Felicia Faye McMahon, PhD
Acquisitions Editor
New York Folklore Society


Lena Spencer

President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Daniel Gallery

The 69th New York regimental band on a troopship in World War I.

Gusle, a one-string instrument used to accompany epic singing.

Spring–Summer 2008, Volume 34:1–2

Acquisitions Editor Felicia Faye McMahon
Managing Editor Sheryl A. Englund
Design Mary Beth Malmsheimer
Printer Eastwood Litho

Editorial Board: Varick Chittenden, Lydia Fish, Nancy Groce, Lee Haring, Libby Tucker, Kay Turner, Dan Ward, Steve Zeitlin

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