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New York Folklore Vol. 5. Nos. 3-4, Winter 1979
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New York Folklore Vol. 5, No. 3-4


Vol. 5, Nos. 3-4, Winter 1979

The Whittlesey Affair Rollin Jonathan Fairbanks 133

The Wickham Brothers: Several Traditional Upstate New York Anecdotes
Paul A. Eschholz 138

Sleigh Ride for a Corpse
Donald J. Sawyer 142

The Life and Minstry of Miss Maria Cook
Charles Semowich 146

A Liberated Woman Visits the Adirondacks
David M. Ellis 150

The Erie Canal: American History through Folklore
Patricia Cooke 155

"Where Were the Paul Revere Lanterns Really Hung?": The Mystery of the Old North Church on April 18, 1775
John Nicholls Booth 169

Remarks on "The Hasty Pudding"
Ellenore W. Doudiet 176

The Iroquois Sense of Place: Legends as a Source of Environmental Imagery
L. Peter Boice 179

Children’s Food Preferences

A. J. Lamme III and
Linda Leonard Lamme

“I’m Afraid It Is, Kid”: The Social Dynamics of a Baseball Story

Alf H. Walle




“It was early evening and the wake for Tim was in noisy progress, with the small house filled to capacity. Neighbors had responded to the untimely passing of Tim (he was only 38) and the pantry shelves were stacked with food brought in by the many sympathizers. Mrs. O’Brien wouldn’t have to cook for at least a week, it seemed. There were large baked hams, scalloped potatoes by the panfuls, salads, several loaves of fresh bread, cakes, and some mince, apple and pumpkin pies. But more important to the affair, there was an ample supply of Irish whiskey and apple jack.” From the “Sleigh Ride for a Corpse,” by Donald J. Sawyer

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