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New York Folklore Vol. 19, Nos. 1-2, 1993
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New York Folklore Vol19No1-2


Vol. XIX, Nos. 1-2, 1993
Prejudice and Pride: Lesbian and Gay Traditions in America


Editorial Essay
The Dangers of Authenticity

Deborah Blincoe
and John Forrest

Coming Out, Coming Home: Reclaiming a Place to Belong
Joseph P. Goodwin 15

Hothead Paisan: Clearing a Space for a Lesbian Feminist Folklore
Dana A. Heller 27

Gay Men’s English: Cooperative Discourse in a Language of Risk
William Leap 45

Something to Remember Me By: Maupin’s Tales of the City Novels as Artifacts in Contemporary Gay Folk Culture
Jimmy D. Browning 71

"I Would Rather Be Fixated on the Lord": Women’s Religion, Men’s Power, and the "Dignity" Problem
Leonard Norman Primiano 89

Body Rhetoric: A Study in Lesbian Coding

Jan Laude

Untitled: Opus 7 (This is Folklore) or Purity and Danger: An Interpretation
Charles Bergengren 121

Voice of Tradition
Two Spirited People: Understanding Who We Are as Creation
Curtis Harris and
Leota Lone Dog

Lesbian Folklore: A New Day Coming
Jan Phillips 165

Lesbian Code: Dyke Spotting in Heteropatriarchyland
Alix Dobkin 181

Who’s No Lady? Excerpts from an Oral History of New York City’s 82 Club
Joe E. Jeffreys 185

"Looking for Some Sort of Love": The Sexual Life History of a Gay Man
Michael Avrut 203

Folklore Notes
Exploring Frontiers: An American Tradition

W. Dorr Legg


Rewriting Tradition: The Queer Politics of a Lesbian Folklorist
Kay Turner 237



“Because of systematic oppression against gay and lesbian people, folklore has played a central role within gay and lesbian communities. Individual and collective survival have depended upon traditional forms of communication and expression ... When a group is categorically denied even so much as social recognition, meanings of such fundamental human experiences as life, love, sex, and death may be recreated by and for that group through traditional forms and means.” From “The Dangers of Authenticity” Deborah Blincoe and John Forrest

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