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New York Folklore Vol. 12. Nos. 3-4, 1986
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Vol. XII, Nos. 3-4, 1986


Lore for the Folk: Benjamin A. Botkin and the Development of Folklore Scholarship in America
Ronna Lee Widner 1

Ben Botkin
Bruce Jackson 23

“Your Hair Is Your Glory”: Public and Private Symbology of Long Hair for Pentecostal Women
Elaine J. Lawless 33

Growing Up Catholic and American: The
Oral Tradition of Catholic School Students
Louise Krasniewicz 51

Storytelling and Conservation: Stuctural Relationships

Philip Nusbaum

The Ethnic Joke as Mirror of Culture

William M. Clements

Red Jacket’s Reply: A Problem in the Verification of a Native American Speech Text
Harry Robie 99

Folklore Notes

Protestant Home Shrines: Icon and Image

Yvonne J. Milspaw

Imagining Evil in Polish-American Culture

Katherine J. Koperski

Folk Remedies for the Common Cold

Leonard R. N. Ashley

Home Remedies

Martha Muzzy

Shooting in the New Year: An Early American Instance

Martin W. Walsh


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Contributors to this Issue, 181; Editor’s Year-End Report, 183; Information for Contributors and Guide to Style, 187.



“Unlike many folklorists of successive generations, who were trained deeply in folklore, but not in much else, Botkin’s background was broadly humanistic. He knew folklore, but he also knew literature, politics, and music. His brother was a painter, his cousins George and Ira Gershwin were composer and lyricist. Botkin himself published poetry before he published folklore, and he continued publishing it for many years.” From the “Ben Botkin,” by Bruce Jackson.

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