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Applicants must be students currently enrolled in a folklore graduate program, or folklorists who have completed a folklore graduate program within the past two years.

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New York State Council on the Arts/NYFS Folk Arts Internship

Since 2000, the New York Folklore Society has administered support from the New York State Council on the Arts for an internship program for graduate students in folklore from throughout the United States. A competitive program, the internship provides an opportunity for graduate students in folklore to spend two months in a public sector folklore setting, conducting their own guided research and program planning. This program, which was highlighted in a 2003 forum at the American Folklore Society Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has proven successful in introducing new folklorists to the challenges of working in the public sector, and it helps them develop their skills by working alongside a seasoned folklorist. Organizations participating in the program receive assistance from an energetic graduate student who has completed graduate-level coursework in his or her chosen field.

Previous interns include:

Independent folklore organizations and established folklore programs within arts agencies apply for the opportunity to host an intern; those chosen sites are then advertised to a pool of potential applicants.

Below is the 2011 Announcement by Robert Baron, Program Director of the Folk Arts Program of New York State Council on the Arts.

NYS Council on the Arts
Paid Internship in New York State Folk Arts Program Now Available Thursday, February 03, 2011

Applications are now being accepted for an internship supported through the internship program of the New York State Council on the Arts and New York Folklore Society. This year, the internship will be hosted by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD). A graduate student selected for the internship will be expected to undertake a special project linked to their learning program for graduate study which will also benefit the host organization. The duration of the internship is 10–12 weeks. A stipend of $6000 will be provided. The stipend amount is intended to cover travel and lodging expenses as well as the intern’s fee – additional funding will not be provided for these expenses.

The internship will be concentrated upon one of CTMD’s Community Cultural Initiatives, in the Haitian or Colombian community. The internship will involve field research, program presentation, administrative practices and documentation/archival activities. During the internship, the intern will also learn about establishing rapport with community partner organizations, fundraising and budgeting, presentation and production practices and support for folk artists. Visits to traditional festivals and to organizations such as those at City Lore, World Music Institute and the Brooklyn Arts Council will be encouraged. Ability to speak Kreyol or Spanish is preferred but not required.

Applicants must be students currently enrolled in a folklore graduate program, or folklorists who have completed a folklore graduate program within the past two years. The intern will be expected to create a comprehensive internship plan and work agreement with CTMD. For graduate students, the internship plan and work agreement should be prepared in association with the intern’s graduate program. Following the internship, the intern and CTMD will be expected to submit a report evaluating the internship.

To apply, submit a resume and a letter describing the potential benefits of the internship for the applicant’s career goals as a folklorist and, for graduate students, its relationship to his or her graduate learning program. The application should also indicate how previous experiences in programming, field research and/or administration would contribute to an organization hosting the internship.

Applications must be received by Friday, February 25th, and a decision about the successful candidate will be made by mid-March. Applications must be submitted electronically to Robert Baron, rbaron@arts.ny.gov (please do not contact CTMD for information about this internship).

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