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Cove of Une Veillee Chez by La Famille Ouimet

Une Veillée Chez
La Famille Ouimet

Side A:
  1. Vive la compagnie
    from a version recorded by Pierre Daigneault

  2. Quand j’ai commencé à voyager
    learned from our father, Gérard Ouimet, who had learned it from his father, Médéric

  3. Le Curé de Terrebonne

  4. La Chanson du cinquante cennes
    learned from our uncle, Albert Gagné

  5. Le Pénitent et l’ivrogne
    Family song was completed from the printed version in Folksongs of French Canada

  6. Le Petit Mari
    Learned from our mother, Lucille Gagné/Ouimet who learned it from her uncle, Ernest Thériault

  7. Papillon, tu es volage
    Sung by our grandmother, Bertha Gagné

  8. La Chanson remplie de mensonges
    learned from our father

Side B:
  1. Dedans Lyon
    learned from our mother who had learned it from her uncle, Siméon Beaudin

  2. Derrière chez nous, y’a champ de pois
    learned from our uncle, Armand Gagné

  3. Le Diable est descendu des enfers
    learned from our great uncle, Stanislas Beaudin

  4. Las Destinée, la rose au bois

  5. M’en revenant de guerre
    learned from our uncle, Lucien Gagné

  6. Le Pâté ni poivré ni salé
    learned from our mother who learned it from her father, Emilien Gagné

  7. Le Départ pour la guerre
    from our mother who learned it from her father

  8. Vive la compagnie


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