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The Gallery of New York Folk Art
Amish Quilts

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The Gallery of New York Folk Art

Amish Quilts

Many Amish families have chosen to relocate to New York from regions in other states which have become too congested in order to maintain the quality of life they seek to maintain. Montgomery County is one of the areas which has had the privilege of attracting these folks to live in its rural beauty.

In addition to establishing such means of livelihood as farming and cheese making in this county, Amish women and men are also involved in the making of traditional crafts.

The Schoharie County Arts Council was not permitted to conduct any interviews on the making of traditional Amish quilts in Montgomery County due to strict church district rules. However, based on fieldwork done in other parts of the country, authors conclude that the fabric, designs, and colors used in making quilts vary depending on historical period, availability of material, and once again, church district guidelines. In regard to color choice, the aesthetic choice of the church district is the predominant deciding factor; therefore, what may be appropriate in one community may not be appropriate in another. For example, the darker shades of blue, brown, rust and olive may be more acceptable in one area than brighter more worldly colors wich are often made for the "English," or non-Amish in order to supplement the income of Amish families by women folk.
Beverly Butcher, Folklorist

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Photograph by Harry Wirtz.

Amish Quilt
Photograph by Dale Johnson

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