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The Gallery of New York Folk Art
Ben Raino

Carved songbird


The Gallery of New York Folk Art

Ben Raino

walking sticks

Carved Walking Sticks. Photograph by Harry Wirtz..

Quebeçois master carver and raconteur, Ben Raino, uses the tools and techniques he developed in his work as a dental technician to carve the wildlife he knows from his life as a woodsman. His abilities as a storyteller have earned him a seat on the Adirodack Liar’s Club. Ben is a gifted arts educator who is in demand for workshops in schools and elderhostels.

Ben Raino’s walking sticks as well as his carved birds and otter are available for purchase through the on-line gallery shop of the New York Folklore Society: New York Traditions.

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The gallery is made possible with the generous support of the William Gundry Broughton Charitable Foundation.



carved yellow songbird

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