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Bob Bernardi

Bob Bernardi, a woodturner/woodworker of Altamont, NY has worked with wood avocationally for numerous years, making bookshelves, carving, and doing some turnings, mostly family items. In 1999, he became more serious about turning wood. He joined the Northeastern Woodworkers Association and became a member of one of its special interest groups, the Adirondack Woodturners Association. He is also a member of the Old Country Guild of Woodturners and a member of the national American Association of Woodturners.

Bob turns a variety of items: tops, ornaments, key fobs, shawl pins, food stirrers, jewelry dishes, and bowls. He uses local woods for the most part and relishes the fact that New York State has a great selection of “hardwoods” to choose from. As a practice, Bob has usually been able to salvage wood that home owners have had to prune or cut down. There is a lot of satisfaction in cutting a blank of wood, rough turning a bowl for the drying process, and then coming back to second turn it into a finished bowl, some 6–12 months later (sometimes even longer.) Maybe as a carryover from his decades of organic gardening, Bob finishes with either a mineral oil or walnut oil and beeswax (no toxic fumes in the drying process, and food safe if people wish to use a bowl that way.)

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