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Friday, April 29–Sunday, May 1, 2016
Robert Browning Associates presents
A World in Trance Festival — 2nd Edition!
Artists TBA
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue (at 3rd Ave), Downtown Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: Available soon
Since earliest times music and dance have played a major role in uniting people through ritual, often seeking union with the divine through trance or ecstasy. This festival seeks to bring back some spiritual nourishment to our lives; to focus our physical and mental selves. While the music and rituals associated with each genre are very different from each other, they share a common thread in bringing people together in search of enlightenment. These are just a few of the many forms that music takes to enrich our lives.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016
Robert Browning Associates presents
Shahid Parvez & Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi
Part of A World in Trance Festival — 2nd Edition!

7:00 p.m.
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue (at 3rd Ave), Downtown Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $35, students and seniors $31

Two of India’s finest instrumentalists find common ground in the art of improvisation as they weave a tapestry of the two great genres of Indian music – Hindustani (North Indian) and Carnatic (South Indian). Sitarist Shahid Parvez is the most distinguished living musician of the Etawah gharana, a style popularized by the great Vilayat Khan. Violinist Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi is the daughter of India’s greatest Carnatic musician of the 20th century, Lalgudi Jayaraman. Steeped in her father’s tradition, she is acknowledged for her rich and soulful performances. While both artists received critical acclaim internationally for their solo performances, this will be their first concert tour together. Mrdangam(drum) accompaniment by Patri Satish Kumar; tabla player to be announced.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Interfaith Story Circle announces
“Love your Fellow as You Would Love Yourself”
7-9 p.m. (6:30 p.m. tour of the sanctuary / Story Sharing at 7 p.m.)
Congregation Beth Israel (Modern Orthodox Jewish), 2195 Eastern Parkway, Schenectady, NY
Guest Storyteller: Zipporah Harris. Come and tell a story, or come and listen. Our mission is promoting understanding, respect and friendship among people of diverse cultures, ethical traditions and religions by facilitating the sharing of stories. We open and close the circle with a prayer or reflection. The guest storyteller will share some thoughts on the circle’s theme and tell some related stories. You are then invited to tell a story if you wish.

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Friday, May 13, 2016
Eighth Step at Proctors presents
7:30 p.m.
Proctors, 432 State St. Schenectady NY 12305
Order Tickets through the 8th Step Ticket Line: 518-434-1703
Save the Date! More details to come.

World Music Institute (WMI) presents
UAKTI performs “Aguas Da Amazonia” with special guest Philip Glass 8:00 p.m.
92nd St. Y, 1395 Lexington Ave., New York, NY
Tickets start at $55
World Music Institute’s 30th Anniversary Season closes with an incredible collaboration — Uakti, the Brazilian ensemble who use only one-of-a-kind instruments that they build themselves (such as glass marimbas) performs with special guest American legend Philip Glass. Uakti hasn’t had a solo show in the US in many years. Glass and Uakti were introduced by Paul Simon during the recording of his 1988 album Rhythm of the Saints, and have maintained a longstanding collaboration since—though one rarely seen in performance. Glass has twice selected Uakti to perform his commissioned works, and he released five of their albums on his Point Music label. Among these albums was their critically-acclaimed 2006 recording of his music, Aguas da Amazonia. Originally composed by Philip Glass as a ballet commissioned by Grupo Corpo, Glass asked Uakti to record the work. Uakti’s principal composer Marco Antônio Guimarães arranged Aguas Da Amazonia for the group’s custom built instruments—the first time Glass’s music was arranged by another composer. Uakti has never performed this music live with Philip Glass, until now.
This concert is a part of World Music Institute’s Counterpoint Series

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Saturday, May 14, 2016
Robert Browning Associates presents
Songs of Amami Island, Japan: Anna Sato & Shogo Yoshii with special guest Shingo Maeyama
8:00 p.m.
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue (at 3rd Ave), Downtown Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $25, students and seniors $21
Anna Sato and Shogo Yoshii, two of the island’s most famous artists of the younger generation, perform the folk music of Amami Island in western Japan, providing the New York audience with the rare opportunity to hear this hauntingly beautiful music. Ms. Sato (vocals), who began singing shimauta (community songs) at the age of three and became a member of Cirque du Soleil, and Mr. Yoshii (taiko drums, fue-bamboo flute, kokyu-violin), a former member of Kodo, are joined by guest artist Shingo Maeyama (vocals, sanshin-plucked lute), an Amami Folk Song Award winner. Whether calling upon the power of the ancient taiko drum, or harnessing the moving melodies of shimauta passed down for generations, each artist is a seasoned master of their craft and a pioneer in new expressions. Their music is unmistakably Japanese and yet universal in its appeal, delivered with remarkable virtuosity.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016
Valley Folk Music presents
Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins
7:30-10:00 p.m.
144 Cedar St. Corning, NY 14830 (corner with First St. in red brick Methodist Church)
Contact: (607) 962-4461, info@valleyfolk.org
Cost: $20 cash or check only, with various subscription options to save. Only $5 Disabled or Full Time Student, 14 and under free w/adult
Hanks’ deep voice and tastefully spare 6 and 12-string guitar accompaniments and virtuosic jaw harp playing is augmented by Deborah’s harmonies. Influenced by Hinton, Leadbelly, and Guthrie, Hanks os also know for many old songs of the American West—both sad and rollicking—cowboy, work,topical, and political, as well as American ballads. And yes, he wrote the song “The Apple Picker’s Reel.”

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Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor announces
Canal Stories, Artifacts, and Images Wanted

The New York State Museum is preparing for a new exhibit on the Erie Canal to open in 2017. New York’s Erie Canal: Gateway to the Nation will highlight those visionaries, engineers, financiers, and laborers who built the canal and people from every walk of life who came in its wake. The exhibition will culminate in an exploration of the people who live near, work by, and enjoy the canal as a unique heritage corridor today.

To submit a story, object, or photograph for consideration, please contact Brad Utter, Senior Historian and Curator by July 1, 2016 at (518) 474-0028 or brad.utter@nysed.gov.

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